3D Modeling Service

When you are researching basements, checking design magazines and newsletters, as well as the manufacturing websites, keep in mind, the process can be faster. 3D modeling can allow you to see quickly hundreds of options, including green materials. As a matter of fact, a green basement starts with its original design that can easily be done in 2D or 3D.

A great design starts with avoiding waste with the materials used, adapting regular dimensions for standard materials i.e. lumber, steel studs, and drywall. Reducing the amount of waste in a project translates into dollars savings and a major reduction in time to complete your basement. Imagine renting the exact amount of wall forms saving nearly 10% in rental costs for materials that are usually ordered. Ordering the near exact amount of concrete used in your basement construction with little to no waste to be removed and dumped. Wasted concrete is taken to special dump sites which incur shipping and dumping costs. This process is again repeated with framing materials, sheetrock, tile, wood flooring, carpet, and even the expensive wood trim. Choosing finishing materials that fit standard measurements can easily be done in 3D design.

Energy Savings

Analyzing how your basement is constructed will allow the designer to help you think holistically about your basement. For example; the position of the basement is built in relation to the sun in a colder part of the state. Colder regions take better advantage of the sun, remembering that the glass can be considered a type of heat trap because heat can go in but it can’t get out.
Therefore, analyze the sun positions during the day to heat the basement’s exposed areas. Increasing window areas facing the sun will reduce heating cost during the winter months. Utilizing concrete walls will soak up the heat from the sun’s rays during the day and radiate the heat during the night.

In Hot regions like Texas, smaller windows are incorporated into the drawings and placed in the walls opposing the sunshine. A 3D drawing will show how the light radiates throughout the room helping to properly size the windows, and help the basement stay cool during summer months. Using 3D drawings to display your ideas, utilizing energy saving features incorporated into the basement plans is simply – energy smart! Allow us to assist you in conceiving your new basement, and provide imaging services that will allow you to visualize your basement project.

Bring your basement to life with 3D Views

Bring your basement to life with 3D views that actually permit you can see the rooms as if you were actually walking around.
3D viewers allow you to navigate around the floor plan in the privacy of your own home. Aerial views are also possible, allowing you to fly over the floor plan to get a true feel for it. The ability to visualize clearly how your entire home would look on top of a basement, or how adding a new basement to an existing home is possible.

Due to the fact that a variety of interior design programs are currently being offered, if you already have design software on your computer, no other software will be needed. We can send you 3d designs that work with your current software also.

Today our clients are not only local customers but international, for we have the ability to provide 3D drawings to anyone who has a computer or internet access. If you have a project you are considering but don’t have time to visit our office, consider contacting us for a Skype consultation. If you have a specific request work with a 3D artist, for our services are catered to fit our clients. Clients who already have a set of plans or just a simple floor plan created by another company, it can be turned into a 3D display. So if you have floor plans that need to be updated or wanted to make significant changes to an existing set of plans, consider a 3D modification. We can take any drawings you have and create a 3D display. We can also use a photo of a home and show you different variations of the home with different types of basements attached i.e. walk-out, walk-up or enclosed basement. Working with experienced, talented 3D designers can bring all your ideas to life.

3D drawings are a game changer

Prepare to re-think your idea of interior design, because once you see how much actual space you have available in your basement, you will be amazed. Allowing a 3D artist to render your ideas where you can see what your basement can actually look like, and create a world of possibilities. Working with a 3D artist will be one of the most cost effective decisions you will ever make on your new project. 3D drawings not only allow you see your ideas in a realistic way, but it also allows you to get the feel of your new basement. It’s not just selecting colors and fabrics, but collaborating with builders and contractors to display exactly how you want your project to look. It’s balancing not only form and function but also reality in a cost effective way.

With a drag-and-drop user interface, placing furniture in your floor plan is a snap. Change colors on the walls, rearrange the furniture and even take 3D snapshots. A 3D view is used to allow you the ability to not only walk around but to fly over the floor plan or enter the floor plan like a game. Once the 3D design is finished, you can easily share your design with contractors and builders alike. Think what it would feel like to view the basement’s interior at eye level. A basement design can seamlessly be incorporated to nearly any style from traditional to one built below a log cabin home.

• Architecture – Basement Projects, additions, design consultation, and floor plans
• Imaging – Virtual Tours, Movies, Residential Imaging
• Drafting – Plans Drafting, Scaled elevations (CAD, PDF to 3D software).

3D designers work in three dimensions, combining traditional design techniques with industry technology to create beautiful, functional spaces to exact measurements. The designers we provide will be happy to work with you adding their own sense of style in the creation of your 3D space.

The 3D drawings will move from the visual stage to the practical stage allowing for the incorporation of building codes, health & safety standards, sustainable practices, architecture and even psychology. Even the smallest details can be added and incorporated into your 3D design like décor, light switches and kitchen cabinet door handles. Once the 3D drawings are finished the drawings are itemized and spread sheets are formed to create a materials list which will be invaluable in putting a construction take-off list at your fingertips. 3D drawings have the ability to give you a realistic cost for your proposed project. Allowing you to play out what-if-scenarios saving time and money in the creation of your new basement.

This is an exciting time to start a basement project with the design tools we have today. We can draw your ideas and input nearly every detail of how you want your finished basement to look and feel. Those drawings then can be translated into 3D space in a matter of minutes and allow the client to walk through the designed space. The walls can be textured, painted or wall-papered to look nearly as real as the real thing.

The floors can be rendered as hardwood, tile, and carpet or stained concrete when finished. Appliances can be added to add proportion to the room as well as furniture to get a real perspective how the room will be furnished.

Call the Basement Kings and hire a consultant to tell you more about our 3D services.