The Basement Kings first began as a national pool company over 50 years ago.

Using different concrete mixtures, additives & methods has produced a strengthened concrete with unique waterproofing qualities.

Today we operate as basement specialists throughout the state of Texas, providing basement advice to homeowners, contractors, and builders all over the U.S.

Our unique problem-solving skills related to:

          -3D Modeling

Our array of services are unmatched by any other basement company in the United States.
We at the Basement Kings customize every basement to the needs of our customers.
Our basements range in size from a safe room to the entire footprint of a home.
We also offer advice on storm cellars & shelters for homeowners across Texas & Oklahoma in particular.

The Basement Kings offers several levels of service to fit nearly anyone’s budget.

  1. We only provide the services which our customers feel they need.
  2. We are happy to work with the homeowner’s chosen builders or contractors.
  3. If requested we can suggest local contractors within the homeowner’s area.
  4. Educate homeowners who want to build their own basement.
  5. Educate homeowners who want to repair their own basement.
  6. Educate homeowners who want to inspect their own basement.
  7. Educate homeowners how to construct an Eco-friendly (green) basement.
  8. Educate homeowners on the different types of storm cellars and shelters available

We provide basement inspectors’ services for clients all over the state of Texas and offer special training to other home inspectors interested in basement inspections.

We constantly work to update our extensive list of approved contractors to server our clients’ needs

Working with contractors on behalf of our customers serves three purposes.

  1. It assures customers that contractors will finish the job they were hired to complete.
  2. Offers peace of mind to our suppliers that they will be paid for all services performed.
  3. Create a healthy level of competition among our contractors to benefit our customers.

We believe satisfaction can only be attained through delivering the highest quality of
Craftsmanship based on the highest quality design.

“Chance favors the prepared mind.”

–Louis Pasteur