Building basements on existing homes

When people start talking about what types of basements are possible, the conversations lead to a list of similar questions:

  • Can someone build their own basement?
  • Can you build a basement on a home that is already built?
  • Can you build a basement on a home that has two levels?
  • Can you add a basement on a home with foundation problems?
  • Can you build a basement on a house that was built on a slab?

The answer to these types of questions is an unequivocal yes under certain conditions. We receive calls every day asking why aren’t there more companies building basement additions in Texas. The quick answer is they don’t know how.

If they did they would ask a few important questions like:

  • Was your home built as a slab on grade?
  • Was your home built as a pier and beam?
  • Was your home built with a crawl space?
  • Was your home built as a floating slab?

Questions like these define how easy or how difficult building the addition might be. Basement additions are very popular when you find them. One key factor to its popularity in Texas is due to the fact that all basements aren’t the same. Depending on how much a person is familiar with basements accounts for how they see them. If you’re thinking about a basement addition, allow us to help you understand the differences between the various types of basement you can build.

Besides the various types of basements you can choose from, it’s also important to understand the various ways a basement addition can be built. The Basement Kings understand that for some clients, it’s best to focus on what the basement’s primary purpose is. If privacy was a primary goal, it is possible to build an addition which is nearly impossible to see from the outside. Consider adding the ultimate safe room or mini-apartment that can be rented out to subsidize your own payments.
Basement additions often times pay for themselves many times over.

The Basement Kings can answer all your questions related to basement additions including:

  • Are there any programs that could be used to help get the basement built?
  • What steps would someone need to follow if they were considering a basement addition?
  • How big can a basement addition be if the home was relatively small to begin with?
  • How hard would it be to add a basement to a home with a crawl space?
  • Are there any advantages to adding a basement to a home?
  • Can you build a basement addition anywhere in Texas or do you need special permission like that of a variance?
  • Can you estimate how much it would cost to build a particular size basement addition?

The answers to these questions would take a little more explaining but we have the answers to your most pointed questions and much more. Operating as consultants we are a fee-based company. We don’t have general conversations over the phone related to basements. We conduct consultations by phone, by e-mail, by Skype and instant messaging programs from 9 am till 10 pm central time. Our fees are directly related to the particular services you’re interested in.

If you currently have a home that is relatively small and would like an expansion consider a basement addition. Consider the fact that a basement addition over the long run is a much cheaper option than building above ground.

Allow us to show you why!

We offer you the ability to easily double the size of your living space and on a lot with a small footprint; it may be your only option. People who have beach lots have experienced this first hand, because often times the land lots are tiny, scarce and very expensive.

Homes with a severe amount of foundation damage are great candidates for building a basement, since they will need to repair their foundation anyway. Homeowners who spend tens of thousands of dollars on foundation repairs quickly discover some disappointing facts. In most cases, the money spent on foundation repairs doesn’t add ten cents to the value of their homes.
Basement additions add immediate value to a home and could dramatically increase the amount of accessible living space.
Gentlemen, move out of your garage (man cave) and utilize your garage for its original purpose.

The Basement Kings consider a variety of different methods when they consider a basement addition. By considering more than one method allows for homeowners to choose a method which offers the greatest value. Some methods allow homeowners to remain in the home while the addition is being constructed.

Call today and learn how we can add a basement to your existing home.

The number of advantages for building a basement addition is only limited to a home owner’s imagination. We can easily prove that adding a basement to an existing home is more than worth the money to build it. Today there are very few advantages to extending a home to a size much larger than neighboring homes. The money spent on some additions above ground in many cases cost more than the home is worth. A basement addition regardless of where it is placed creates a large number of advantages to the homeowners, especially in southern states. For all the people who have never spent the time playing, storing, or living in a basement before, consider options like:

  • Building a wine cellar
  • Reinforced safe room
  • Hidden room for valuables
  • Climate controlled space
  • Bomb shelter
  • Extra bedrooms
  • Family room
  • Recreation rooms
  • Home theatres
  • Home gyms & more


The Basement Kings offer many programs to help get your project underway.

What can you expect from our service?
A basement specialist will explain all the places you can or can’t add an addition.

Someone will walk you through the process of adding a basement to an existing home using several different methods.
The purpose of walking clients through each step of the addition process allows us to answer questions. We inform our clients of what they can expect to see, and arm them with important facts that will save them money throughout the process.
Knowing what methods are being used and knowing what methods to avoid could possibly save homeowners from a number of situations that others wished they could have avoided.
We break down the process and explain them in detail. Our hope is that our clients clearly understand what is and is not possible in relation to adding a basement to their existing home.

What can clients expect when they are ready to build an addition? To be guided through all phases of the basement project.

As a consulting, basement design-build company, we manage all phases of the project from permits to completion.

Unlike other companies we only provide the services you need or want us to provide. Some clients want to use a particular builder who does not have any experience designing or engineering basements. If so allow us to provide the design and engineering experience to get your project off the ground. For clients who would prefer to utilize our complete services, we offer a complete package from consult to completion, we do it all. We feel that our complete package offer a greater continuity of service, which will save you time and money working with one company from start to finish. Our process includes six simple steps:

Initial Consultation

A basement specialist will meet you at your home or provide a phone consult to access your future project and outline your options.


Your ideas and preferences are combined into a working plan where your specifications and building codes are outlined for your project. At the end of this process, we discuss different options for your basement design and layout. Surveys, permits and tests are preformed and evaluated and basement plans are created.

Bid Package

A bid package is put together where we can assess and estimate realistic costs and estimate a project time line. At this stage project costs are balanced with the client’s budget and approved financing.

Construction Begins

A basement professional will manage and oversee your project from the first day of construction to your projects completion. Our professionals will keep you informed at every step of the process. Our professionals make every effort to assure that the work is done on budget and within the time estimated.

Project Pricing

For basement additions, the Basement Kings prefer to work on a cost plus basis. We feel that our customers get a better value for their money since they are directly involved with how their basement is actually constructed. Imagine looking at some processes and a contractor telling you – this is the way we do it, or being told that this is the item we always use for this type of job. Being told well it’s too late now to change. These are all excuses to force the buyer to accept something they don’t want.

For example; builders often use lumber that is considered acceptable in the industry to use (builder grade materials). It is not uncommon to see studs with dry rot, knot holes and finger joints. Some homeowners often prefer only clean solid studs to be used on their project. Due to the fact that cleaner studs cost more, contractors usually aren’t open to material changes this late in the game. Working on a cost basis, the homeowner is always in the driver’s seat to make any changes they like without any penalties like
(change fees). Making our clients happy is our primary concern throughout the project.

Warranty Support

Every project that The Basement Kings completes is backed by our no-leak warranty so that you can relax and enjoy the functionality of the space. You can also rely on The Basement Kings for continuous support for all your basements needs. Considering we are one of the few basement repair companies in the state of Texas you will be in great hands.