Reduced Energy Cost

Thermodynamics dictate that space below ground level offers significantly greater temperature stability over space above ground level. This translates into significant savings for cooling during summer months.

In the ever-greening climate of thinking, a basement makes it easier to heat the house in the winter and cool in the summer, which adds up to energy savings all year-round. In winter, heating the basement literally helps heat the entire home due to the fact that heat rises. Turning on multiple heating units oftentimes is unnecessary during winter months which save money.

These savings are not just over the long term but show an immediate savings when heating the home. In colder climates around the state, this is not an insignificant consideration as energy prices escalate over time. Your basement has the ability to drastically reduce your energy bill, so give us a call and let us show you.

Tax Benefits

Consider the calculation of the living space in your home. We can show you how to reduce your tax bill to a point that your basement can pay for itself over time. It is extremely important to get the process correct. Your basement must be properly planned & presented to take advantage of the hidden tax breaks. Consult with us today and let us show you how we earn our fees.

Competitive Edge To Builders And Future Sellers

The growing demand for retro-installation of basements underlines their popularity with homeowners. Such is their popularity that home builders are missing a marketing opportunity by not providing basements. The term “retro” is perfect for describing basements today. The term means to classify culturally outdated or aged trends from the overall post-modern past, but have since become the norm once again.

Extra Storage and Living Space

Throughout the state the wish for extra living space is making homeowners examine the underground potential of their homes. Having already converted the attic, they are digging down and having basements built for home offices, extra bedrooms, family rooms, guest suites, workout areas, and even swimming pools. The fact that home owners are willing to pay upwards of $100 per square foot proves that there is a strong demand for basements.

In the end, having a basement might be the difference in actually being able to sell your home.

Increased Value

A basement will separate you from all the other homes in your area once you place it on the market. Allow us to share with you what features should be built into your basement to realize its maximum value.

Deafening Features

Noisy neighborhoods are a thing of the past if your basement incorporates certain features which could reduce your actual finishing costs. Imagine your basement being quieter than an expensive sound-proofed room at no extra cost. Let us tell you how we can make your basement quieter than you ever imagined.


Let us educate you about the misconceptions and misleading information you heard about why basements can’t be built here. It is difficult to believe how much misinformation homeowners and builders have been given over the years. We will give you the facts about basements that even your builder won’t know. You will never look at a home the same way again.

Natural Disasters – Twisters

Imagine what you think when you see old video announcements telling children to duck under their desks if the country was under a nuclear attack. Watching videos of children getting under their desks is unsettling with what we now know about nuclear bombs. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) suggests something similar on how Texans are to respond during a tornado. Citizens are told to go to an inner hallway, bathroom, or a closet until the storm passes. If you’re familiar with what a tornado can do to a home, consider their suggestion similar to hiding under a desk in a nuclear blast zone.
Many Texans live in tornado alley, and the only safety precaution they have is the ability to hear a warning siren to take cover from impending tornadoes. It is nice to have some kind of warning system, but wouldn’t it be safer to actually have a safe area to protect you?

Owning a basement can be a matter of life and death for your family.

Flash Floods

You might think that a basement home would be the last place you want to be during a flash flood because the basement would easily flood, destroying all your valuables in the basement.

Nothing is further from the truth if a basement is properly built. A regular home resting on a slab is built on the assumption that the area will never flood. A basement home is built on the assumption that the area might flood and safety precautions are automatically built in.

•French drains installed to remove water quickly from around the home’s exterior.
•A sump system or ejector pump is installed which can remove nearly 600 gallons of water per hour.
•Having breakaway vents to reduce the chance of a home being pushed off of its foundation?

Only a basement home can offer these advantages.