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The Basement Kings has quickly become the leading provider of basement information for anyone who has an interest in basements.

In just a few short years since we published the first book on building basements, we have been flooded with calls.
Our office has been inundated with calls not only from Texas but from the global community.
As requested from many home owners, builders, and concrete professionals
we have developed a club membership program.
As a club member you will have a variety of opportunities to learn, innovate, and develop relationships with problem solvers
in our global community.
The club also enjoys the participation of an array of global companies who provide basement building advice and repair solutions.
We have begun offering how-to-videos with the help of some of the world’s most respected concrete solutions experts.
To become a member, please fill out our online membership application.
You may pay for membership fees using our secure on-line payment process, PayPal or simply send a check to The Basement Kings.

Our mission is to provide a forum for homeowners and businesses to:

  • Acquire practical skills for basement construction, inspection and basement repair methods.
  • Provide books on the construction of basements in southern states.
  • Expanding the knowledge of how basements are constructed in different soils.
  • Educating architects, designers, home owners and builders on new basement air systems.
  • Teaching how new innovations has changed how basements should be built in the future.
  • Certifying basement professionals in basement repair and basement inspections.
  • Providing answers to the most difficult problems people face regarding a basement.
  • Exposing the public to the new term “Green Basements” and what it could mean to their pocket books.

Your Membership Privileges include: Complimentary access to our current books & white papers.

Current Books

  • Building Basements: The Definitive Book about Basements.
  • Building Basements: How to build a basement on Dirt.
  • Building Basements: How to build a basement on Rock.
  • Building Basements: How to build a basement on Sand.
  • Building Basements: How to build a basement on Clay.
  • Building Basements: How to build a basement on a Hill Slope.
  • Building Basements: How to build a basement on a Water Table.
  • Building Basements: How to build a basement in 48 Hours.
  • Building Basements: How to build a basement that is Green.
  • Building Basements: How to be your own General Contractor.

Current White Papers

  • Basement Lighting (Innovative & Green) doesn’t have to cost more.
  • Basement Concrete that truly grows Crystals.
  • New Innovative waterproofing methods (you never heard of) for basements.
  • How pH can ruin any basement repair job.
  • How to test basements wall strength & hardness on-site.
  • How to save money building a basement.
  • How to inspect a basement and what to look for.
  • How to install a French drain without using gravel.
  • How to and why you need to install a basement generator.
  • How to read your basement blue prints and what’s important.
  • New innovation to prevent radon gas in a basement.
  • New innovation for your basement septic system.
  • How a contractor can steal your home legally.
  • Basement clean air scrubbers.
  • Basement Geo-thermal heating & cooling.
  • Basement elevators are not just for buildings and apartments anymore.
  • Basements can be modified to be a disaster shelter.
  • The advantages of having a basement.
  • Building a basement in a flood zone.

Basement Answer Service

Gain access to the largest paid online Basement Answer Service.
We will be happy to answer any questions you might have for building, maintaining or repairing a new or existing basement.
Today our marketplace supply answers globally to people all around the world.
We also have a link to helping basement owners who are not familiar with our website.