The Basement Kings divide the design & build process into six basic steps.

Step 1 – Initial Consultation

Just like an architect, our consulting fee is based on the amount of time we expect to spend working with our clients. Unlike most professionals, if we fail to teach you something new, we will return the fee you paid for the consulting session. Yes! We will return the total fee paid if your consult was provided by phone, instant messenger or Skype session. Our consultations are guaranteed to answer your questions about a new, existing or future project that you envision building. We understand that in order to dream about building a basement, clients need answers to many important questions. That is why we are here, to answer those questions you can’t seem to find anywhere. We would love to provide this service free of charge but like other professionals we can’t work for free.

Where we start

The process starts with you booking a consultation for a time which fit your schedule, and telling us how you would prefer your consultation to be conducted. Your choices are by phone, instant messenger, Skype, our show home, or at the location of your choosing. We currently provide consultations all over the United States, so don’t worry about where your location is in relation to ours. Site visit charges are based on where you’re actually located, so please inquire about our rates prior to ordering your site visit. For site visits, we include a copy of our book: Building Basements –The Definitive Book About Basements that you will find irreplaceable.

The majority of our consultations take place at our show home in Fairview, Texas 75069. Our clients usually choose our location because The consultation usually takes only one hour but many clients usually take additional time to get all their questions answered. After each consultation, we find that all our clients ask nearly the same question. That is, “with all the advantages of a basement, why aren’t there they love walking through our large example of what a basement can look like. many more being built? Here we can answer all your questions and help you build a basement that you can afford.

What does a consultation cover?

Our consultation cover whatever you don’t know about basements. We can also answer questions about:

  • Different Building Methods * New Innovations * Tax Advantages * Self-healing Concrete * Green Basement
  •  Basement Inspection * Basement Additions * Basement Geothermal Units * Clean-Air-Units * Basement Repair Concepts
  •  How To Diagnose A Basement Leak * Waterproof Low Energy Lighting * Basement Elevators * Much More!

We accept payments for consultations by check, money order, PayPal, cash and, (secure) on-line payment systems.

Step 2 – Design and Estimate Presentation

The Basement Kings begin the design and estimation process during the initial consultation session.We usually request an appointment to meet with all the decision makers for the project. Next, you will present your house plans if you have them.
If you’re not that far along in the process we can quickly sketch what you need, so ultimately it makes no difference.For existing home owners, all you need is the desire to have a basement and we will take care of the rest.

We can build a basement on any new or existing home, so if you want to design a basement – that is what we do!
The design layout and specifications will be discussed in preparation to create an estimate for your basement.
We gather all the information from your city building code department and contact your home owners association if you have them.

It is our job to provide you with a variety of possible options and we are very good at our job. We feel that this is the most important stage of building a basement. It is one of the best kept secrets in the building industry throughout the state.

Basements are being built all over Texas, usually in higher end homes because they understand the advantages of having a basement. Due to the fact that basement builders in Texas are difficult to find, some people have used large construction companies. Hiring a construction company to build a basement is like using a commercial electrician to put in a light bulb, “expensive!” Another great secret is, companies like us actually build some of the basements for large construction companies. Today for the first time we are offering our services directly to anyone who needs our services. We are happy to work directly for the end user or as a specialist subcontractor to Architects, consulting engineers, primary contractors or any other interested party. If you’re in the middle of a project and can’t find anyone to finish your project – we can help! If you feel your current contractors are in over their heads we’ll be happy to aid them in completing your project.

Step 3- Estimate Presentation

We walk you through your initial design, discuss the scope of work, and the presentation of a general estimated cost.
Our intent at this point is to give you a “close price estimate” and a detailed cost analysis based on our discussions.We offer the ability to create a 3D design rendering or advanced walk through software which allows us to show everything from framing studs to designer wall paper.  We have the ability to build on nearly all the different soils and rock types found in the state.
We have the ability to build in areas known for having a high water table.

We also offer services, building in coastal areas (high water table) with a new method using Secant Pile Technology.

We don’t require that you use any or all the services that we provide to access our designs.
Use your own Engineers, Designers, General Contractor or Sub-Contractors if you like.
We are only here to provide the services that you need to get the job done.

Step 4 – General Estimate is presented

You are asked to review the renderings we prepared in 2D or 3D, approve our cost estimate and finalize any revisions you want made. We then go back to the drawing board making the revisions requested, and creating the formal construction agreement.  At this stage, if you don’t already have a working set of plans, we engineer a set for you.
Our general estimate includes a binder with local regulations, building codes for your area and state-wide restrictions incorporated.
There will be a construction check list for you to follow, which will help eliminate the possibility of making costly mistakes.
There will be a cost break-down comparing a few different methods and the costs associated with those methods.
We feel this is important, because it gives us the ability to target different budgets without compromising quality.
We target different methods to reduce time constraints and allow us a greater flexibility for changes later if necessary.
A list of contractors in your area is presented, with at-least 3 bids for any work that has to be contracted.
If you don’t like our contractors, you have the option to choose from one of the bids or request others to be gathered.
A detailed list of all the processes needed to build the basement and a detailed list of bid costs will be provided.
A schedule of how long each process takes and estimated start dates will be provided for each process.

We also offer you the ability to be your own general contractor, if your city allows it, and simply support you if you need us.
The Basement Kings primary concern is to change how Texans builds homes in the future.

Step 5 – Construction Agreement and Construction Process

Once the Construction Agreement has been signed, the Basement Kings goes to work.
We’ll discuss the logistics of your project, the agreement ONE MORE TIME to make sure we all agree on what is being built.
We will also discuss how it is to be built, the time it will take to build it, and the contractors who will be used to build it.
You will then meet all the contractors who will be working on your basement, from the excavators to the concrete specialist.
We feel it is important for you to know who is working on the project.  This allows you feel more comfortable asking questions while your project is under construction.Knowing all the individual contractors serves another purpose, and that is long after the project is finished, you will always have a link to a person who feels connected to your project.

What most people don’t know about contractors and construction professionals is how sentimental they are.
Surprisingly, construction professionals are like any other artists, in respect to feeling proud of creating something special.
They may take just as much pride in creating your basement as you did in having it built.

We value your input

Your input is always respected and never considered out of line while working with us.

We feel that our best form of advertising is a happy basement owner.

Construction begins

Lastly, we begin the work you have contracted us to do, be it providing all the work to be done, or helping you be the general contractor and guide you through the construction process.  We are happy to make site visits at each of the critical stages i.e. framing, pouring, sealing and backfilling processes.  Once your project is completed if you can’t find a local basement inspector, we can help!

Step 6 – Warranty

Depending on the duties the Basement Kings were contracted to perform, we will warranty either part of or the entire project.
The purpose is to allow the home owner to contact one company if any repairs are needed in the future.  Normally if there is a problem with a project, the home owner ends up paying for repairs due to the finger pointing of the subcontractors.
Often times the general contractor and the subcontractors seem to act as if they are not responsible for any mistakes on their behalf.
We don’t play the blame game for any project we have completed.  We feel that if there is a problem with any of our projects and the home owner followed our advice, then it is our responsibility to make sure that all problems are taken care of.
This allows us to say “once your project is completed, “The Basement Kings” will warranty the workmanship performed”.
We call it our worry free warranty; if it’s broken we fix it.

When the job is completed

We call our home owners 30 days after the project’s completion and then call again in 11 months to verify everything we did is in good working order.If not, we will return in a timely manner to fix or address any issues you might have.This is the Basement Kings guarantee.