The Basement Kings are in business to help individuals, homeowners, contractors, builders, and in some cases developers build basements in Texas.  We offer our expertise in building basements to our clients.

The Basement Kings is not:

  • A construction company in the business of selling every customer a basement.
  • A company full of sales people.
  • A company that offers the sale of a particular basement, Cellar or Safe Room.
  • In the business of talking anyone into buying a basement.


We are a family-owned business who understands that we don’t want everyone’s business, which sounds strange to most people.  Our clients know how special our services are and understand for what we do – we don’t have any competition!

We feel that our number-one purpose is to advance the building of basements in Texas.

We want to provide all the services needed for everyone to have a safe, cost-effective, energy-efficient, and spacious basement that will stay dry all year-round.

We will provide the means for you to use today’s technology and up-to-date building methods to design, engineer, and if necessary, build your own basement.

We are a fee service company, which means we charge for all our services related to basements.

If you’re interested in knowing more about basements in general we recommend:

General Information Consult – covers any questions you might have about basements in Texas.

  • We can quickly outline where basements are, how they were built in the past and how you should build them today.
  • We can quickly outline what you can expect to spend building a basement in Texas.
  • We will quickly outline why basements are not built in Texas today.
  • We will quickly outline why basements leak and how you can easily keep your basement from leaking if you own one.
  • We can quickly outline important factors if you’re considering a basement home.
  • We can tell you how to possibly save money on taxes – related to your basement.


Bid package Consult – is for clients who are serious about putting together actual costs for estimating what it would cost to build a particular basement.  Our package includes all the steps you will go through if you were estimating your total costs for construction.      We understand how important it is to know how much something will cost before you actually build it.  We outline all your costs in a simple spreadsheet, which clearly states what you can expect to pay for each stage of your project.  We contact local contractors in your area, so we provide actual costs and comparative costs for other contractors that provide similar services outside of your area.

We create a blue print of the services you will need which can easily be modified to reduce your costs by changing the materials used.    As you can imagine when you put together a shopping list, it helps to create a budget.  Once you begin replacing the particular items in your shopping cart you will notice a change in your total costs.  Like changing the brand names of the particular goods in your cart, you can significantly change your total costs.  Depending on your shopping skills, you can call around and find better prices for the goods you intend to purchase.  The key to my example was the original shopping list.  We are the originators of that shopping list which will help you estimate what a particular size basement will cost.

Depending on what size budget you have we can change the methods used, the brands chosen, and even the technology for items chosen to reach a targeted price.  Using today’s technology, basements can be built in over 30 different ways which allows for the total cost to be changed as well.