Engineering Services
Unlike other companies, we don’t force our clients to research and find their own engineers.  We understand that looking for experienced engineers who have backgrounds drawing basement structures can be difficult.  As a service to our clients, we have built an extensive list of engineers who are experienced designing basements.

We can provide engineers who can analyze, design, plan, and research structural components for your basement project.  Our clients understand that using an experienced engineer ensures that your basement is built strong enough and stable enough regardless of the soil that it is built on.  At the Basement Kings our basements can resist the structural loads required to handle extreme conditions, including wind, rain, and new seismic activity caused by fracking in Texas.

Basement Drawings
Every drawing we provide includes the consideration of how durable the materials should be, when used in conjunction with a basement.  Our engineers also take into account soil conditions around the project and the possible negative effects that certain products can have on a basement.  Some products today could impair the performance of the basement over its design lifetime.

Mobile home foundations built above your newly constructed basement is a reality today and with the help of our engineers we can provide the drawings you need to do the job right.

Basement additions can be tricky in areas where the soil is not optimum but we can help by providing the drawing you need to get your project approved anywhere in the state.

Cracking foundations can offer the best opportunity to add our services and we can provide the engineered drawings to construct your basements foundation walls and floors to fast track your project.

Talk to a consultant today and allow us to map out your structural needs in a way that will save you time and money.  We can provide drawings that will meet the requirements of any home owners’ association or architectural committee.   Our chosen engineers can provide sealed and non-sealed drawings alike for your basement project.

Best time to call

Don’t worry about when in the process would be the best time to call one of our engineers, because we’re accustomed to working closely with architects, designers and homebuilders to understand their plans so we can build a basement to accommodate its design.  This allows us to avoid costly or timely mistakes by incorporating your concerns and building them into your structural drawings.

Our chosen engineers recognize current innovations in additives, mixtures and formulations to produce the strongest water proof concrete possible.  By combining experience in wood, steel and concrete framed basements, our services in Texas are truly unique.

Our goal

We want to provide practical and economical solutions to our engineered drawings to help increase the building of basements in Texas. We can provide drawings for your project requirements and work within your proposed budget throughout your construction project. Through providing structural drawings and other engineering services, we can help provide you with savings in materials, time and construction cost. We focus on solving problems and adapting our methods to engineer the best basement possible.

Due to the increasing complexity of homes today, we embrace new innovative materials and technologies to help us provide solutions to many engineering challenges of the past. These challenges have allowed The Basement Kings to develop and continually improve our engineered designs to provide structural designs that work.

The engineers we provide today complement our current design practices and green building code requirements that are an industry first. Our patent pending process supplements fundamental engineering principles, various technical resources, and insights to focus on improving how basements are built.

Call today and have one of our consultants help you plan your basement project.