Kings Basement College Program Outline

A qualified, experienced, and motivated coach is ready to train you.
At Kings Basement College you will find our professionals we call coaches to be top-notch and dedicated to helping you learn about basements online.
Our highly qualified and motivated coaches hold one or more Bachelor’s, certifications, and state licenses from accredited colleges and universities.
We have years of experience teaching in various subjects and even greater experience working in the field where training really matters.
Our coaches want you to succeed, and through our individualized learning model you will learn more about basements than you ever thought possible.


Requirements – General Studies Diploma you will receive training in the following areas for graduation:

Basement Construction:

a. General information
b. Process and methods


c. Concrete Masonry
d. Ready Mixed Concrete
e. Concrete Admixtures- new Innovations
f. Handling concrete in winter and summer months.
g. Self-Consolidating Concrete (SCC)

Water Proofing

a. Liners
b. Spray on methods
c. Hand applied methods
d. Integrals (green) methods
e. Shake penetrators

Surface Drainage Systems

a. Liners
b. Spray on methods
c. Hand applied methods
d. Integrals (green) methods
e. Shake penetrators

Concrete Technology

a. History – evolution of concrete.
b. Aggregates
c. Cementitious Ingredients

Excavation Equipment

a. Basic equipment
b. Special attachments
c. Measuring and setup methods

Basement Walls

a. Forming methods
b. Pre-manufactured
c. Permanent wood method
d. Forming materials
i. Wood
ii. Metal/Aluminum
iii. Foam insulated blocks
iv. Concrete Blocks
v. Ties and Sealing methods
vi. Water stop materials and methods

Basement Walls

a. General Information
b. Vibration
c. Blow-outs
d. Honey comb
e. Framing
f. Curing


Basement Repair

a. General Information
b. Wall cracks
c. Wall buckling
d. Hardness Tests
e. Repair methods
f. Integral methods (green)


Foundation component make-up

a. Code and Inspections
b. Pouring methods

Back Fill Process

a. General information
b. Types of materials used
c. Height and slope
d. Codes and warnings

Floor System

a. General Information
b. Materials Used
c. New methods and innovations

Basement Inspection

a. General Information
b. Mechanical/Elect/Plumbing
c. Codes and enforcements
d. Termites