Welcome to the Basement Kings education corner, where we inform visitors what we offer by way of educating our members.
Here you will find the largest collection of information about basements in the world.  We are the industry leader when it comes to combining building, inspecting, repairing, and teaching about basements in Texas and around the U.S.
We are striving every day to change the perception of what Texans thinks about when they hear the word “basement”.
We feel it is our obligation to inform everyone, using today’s technology we don’t have to build basements like our grandparents did.
It may sound strange to people, but the majority of basement builders today use the same building methods, in some cases, as our grandparents.
We teach our clients to embrace proven methods, evaluate older ones, and to use new innovations to solve the problems of the past.

Club Member

The Basement Kings has quickly become the leading provider of basement information for nearly anyone who has an interest in basements.
In just a few short years since we published the first book on building basements, we have been inundated to provide solutions for the global community. As requested from many home owners, builders, and concrete professionals, we have developed a club membership program.
As a club member you will have a variety of opportunities to learn, innovate, and develop relationships with problem solvers in this global community.

Virtual Coaching Program

Join Willie E. King Jr., a basement innovator, in a new coaching program designed to educate homeowners, builders, and contractors about basements.Learn how to build, repair, and inspect a basement.
This new, one-of-a-kind coaching program offered by the Basement Kings is designed specifically to help contract and build a basement from beginning to end.
The Virtual Coaching Program brings you LIVE coaching and mentoring sessions from the comfort of your office. Yes, this is real coaching done by real people, and it is one of the most ambitious programs ever provided for service contractors.


Kings Basement College Program Outline

A qualified, experienced, and motivated coach is ready to train you.
At Kings Basement College you will find our professionals we call coaches to be top-notch and dedicated to helping you learn about basements online.
Our highly qualified and motivated coaches hold one or more Bachelor’s, certifications, and state licenses from accredited colleges and universities.
We have years of experience teaching in various subjects and even greater experience working in the field where training really matters. Our coaches want you to succeed, and through our individualized learning model you will learn more about basements than you ever thought possible.