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Basement Books
Basement Books
Hard Cover – Book (signed)

Author Willie E King Jr. is a forward thinking basement specialist who utilizes the innovations of today to build stronger and cost effective basements throughout Texas and Oklahoma. He explains in a simple and easy-to-understand way, the history of residential basements for people who are interested in building, repairing or understanding basements. This book will challenge the notion that basements can’t be built easily even for homes located in Texas. The author systematically details the advantages and disadvantages of each basement building method.

Have you ever wondered why it is so easy for a swimming pool to be built but not a basement? The hole is dug the same way, with the same equipment, reinforced with the same steel and Portland concrete is used to strengthen them both.

Every detail of a basement is explained including:

  • The best building materials to use.
  • The types of windows you can choose.
  • Waterproofing methods available.
  • What methods are the easiest to use for basements.
  • How a basement provides a fast increase of equity for home owners in the South.
  • Basement repair methods and insight into the problems with leakage in the past and much.