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Building a unique basement (specialty)

Each book is priced at the low price of $15 but if you purchase 3 books at once, we will send you the fourth book for one penny. This offer is only available when you purchase any 3 books from this section, and all 3 books must be purchased on one receipt. We offer this special for first time buyers who visit our site and would like to own all our books.

These books are all downloadable in (PDF) format.

  • Building Basements: – Building a basement on a Water Table.
  • Building Basements: – How to build a basement in 48 Hours.
  • Building Basements: – How to build a basement that is Green.
  • Building Basements: – Be your own General Contractor.

We have the only collection of basement building methods for challenging environments in the world.  What we consider challenging environments are situations where you’re building a basement in difficult scenarios.  On a hilltop, at the bottom of a slope or perhaps even building in a bowl shaped lot.  Building a basement in areas with lots of water is one of the greatest challenges for a builder.  We have solutions for building a basement under these challenging situations and many more.

What we consider a unique basement is when we use water to actually activate crystals in the concrete to seal hairline cracks in the basement walls.  A specialty basement is one which the basement walls can be constructed off site and installed within a matter of hours.  These types of specialty basements walls come pre-framed, insulated and with psi’s up to 5000 waterproofing will never be needed.  We are providing these books for the first time to the general public to increase awareness that a basement can be built in nearly any environment.  Building in southern states like Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Arkansas and even Florida is not only possible but cost effective.  They are currently being built every day quietly by specialty builders all across the south.  These are the secrets that specialty builders don’t want you to know.  Just like our other E-Books – these E-Books were created so they would be easy to read, easy to download and inexpensive to purchase.

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