• E – Books a specific soil

How-To build a basement on a specific soil

Books in this section are all download- able copies in a (PDF) format – $15 each

  • Building Basements: – How to build a basement on Dirt.
  • Building Basements: – How to build a basement on Rock.
  • Building Basements: – How to build a basement on Sand.
  • Building Basements: – How to build a basement on Clay.

We have the largest collection of basement How-To books in the world.  We have written them in response to the many suggestions that we have received over the years.  These how to books are specific to the soil which the basement will be built upon.

We created E-Books so they would be easy to read – easy to download and inexpensive to purchase.      As you can imagine building a basement on different soils require different methods on how it should be built.  The soil which it’s built on can be perfectly simple to build on or difficult and very challenging even for the most experienced builder.

Just like the importance of where a business is located, the three most important things to consider about a basement are:  Location, location, location.  Where the basement is built and the type of soil that surrounds it will directly how the basement should be constructed.  Each of these books are soil specific and a must have if you’re in the middle of a project or interested in building a basement in the future.

Each book is priced at the low price of $15 but if you purchase 3 books at once we will send you the 4th book free.  This offer is only available when you purchase any 3 books from this section, and all 3 books must be purchased on one receipt.  We offer this special for first time buyers who visit our site and would like to own all our books.

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