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When it comes to building a new home or improving an older home nothing adds more value to a home like a new basement.  The new greatest thing you should have in your home is based on an old standard of what you never thought you could ever have here in Texas or Oklahoma.

There is only one book available today about building basements and the author of that book is now bringing that information to you in a fun and interactive way.  You will be amazed how the latest innovations and building techniques have finally come to Texas.

Our live events are led by an expert at building basements in Texas.  At one time he was in your shoes and knows the issues and concerns you have about having a basement in Texas.

There’s really no substitute for a live learning event. By interacting with a roomful of builders, contractors, architects, concrete professionals and homeowners asking questions is an amazing experience.  Come join us and learn a wide array of topics covering how we are able to build basements in Texas.

During the event you can get every question that you ever had about basements answered, so come prepared to discover how basement are being built all over the state.

 Call today (972-547-6161) and sign up for our next event which will be held in North Dallas.


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