Basement Consultants

The Basement Kings are in business to help individuals, homeowners, contractors, builders and in some cases developers build basements in Texas.  We offer our expertise in building basements to our clients.

We are a family owned business who understands that we don’t want everyone’s business, which sounds strange to many people. Our clients know how special our services are and understand that for what we do – we don’t have any competition!
We feel that our number one purpose is to advance the building of basements in Texas.
We want to provide all the services needed for everyone to have a safe, cost effective, energy efficient and spacious basement that will stay dry all year round.
We will provide the means for you to use today’s technology and up-to-date building methods to design, engineer and if necessary build your own basement.
We are a fee service company, which means we charge for all our services related to basements.

Engineering Services

Unlike other companies we don’t force our clients to research and find their own engineers.  We understand that looking for experienced engineers who have backgrounds in drawing basement structures can be difficult.  As a service to our clients we have built an extensive list of engineers who are experienced in designing basements.

We can provide engineers who can analyze, design, plan, and research structural components for your basement project.  Our clients understand that using an experienced engineer ensures that your basement is built strong enough and stable enough regardless of the soil that it is built on.  At The Basement Kings our basements can resist the structural loads required to handle extreme conditions, including wind, rain and new seismic activity caused by fracking in Texas.

3D Modeling Service

When you are researching basements, checking design magazines and newsletters, as well as the manufacturing websites, keep in mind the process can be faster.  3D modeling can allow you to quickly see hundreds of options including green materials.
Bring your basement to life with 3D views that actually allow you to see the rooms as if you were actually walking around.

3D viewers allow you to navigate around the floor plan in the privacy of your own home.
Aerial views are also possible, allowing you to fly over the floor plan to get a true feel for it.  The ability to clearly visualize how your entire home would look on top of a basement, or how adding a new basement to an existing home would work, is possible.

Due to the fact that a variety of interior design programs are currently being offered, if you already have design software on your computer no other software will be needed.  We can design your basement and send your 3D designs to work with your current software.

The Basement Kings divides the design & build process into six basic steps.

Step 1 – Initial Consultation                            Step 2 – Design and Estimate Presentation                                  Step 3- Estimate Presentation

Step 4 – General Estimate is presented           Step 5 – Construction Agreement and Construction Process       Step 6 – Warranty


Just like an architect our consulting fee is based on the amount of time we expect to spend working with our clients.
Unlike most professionals, if we fail to teach you something new we will return your fee paid for the consulting session.
Yes! We will return the total fee paid if your consult was provided by phone, instant messenger or Skype.
Our consultations are guaranteed to answer your questions about a new, existing or future project that you’re contemplating building.

Once the Construction Agreement has been signed, The Basement Kings go to work.

Basement Repair Consultants

What is a Basement Repair Consultant?  A uniquely trained professional capable of providing an in-depth investigation of a basement.  Staying up-to-date on the latest technologies, installation techniques and best practices of how basements are repaired truly makes our consultants unique.  What makes The Basement Kings special is that we believe finding the cause of the problem is just as important as finding the best solution to repair it.  As consultants we don’t have to sell you a product or service that you don’t need. Our first and only concern is to find the problem and give you a list of options on how to repair them.                                                                                                                Fortunately we are not a foundation repair service who is trained to think in terms of “one size fits all”.


Hire a basement inspector versus a regular home inspector

A home inspector is a generalist, not a specialist. Pointing out the existence of cracks is within the scope of a home inspection, but defining their structural significance is not.  This means that by license they are not authorized and in most cases not capable of giving an opinion about where the cracks were originally formed.

Basements by definition are the most difficult part of the home to inspect.  By code, basements, cellars and even crawlspaces are listed as “Hostile Environments”.

Purchasing a home may be your life’s biggest purchase, and if it has a basement in Texas, it’s also unique.  Like any other major purchase, it requires thought, research, and asking a lot of questions.

  Becoming a homeowner is a big investment, and the costs of unknown repairs can easily blindside you.

 Call us today to secure your new investment.