Virtual Coaching Program

Join Willie E. King Jr., a basement innovator, in a new coaching program designed to educate homeowners, builders, and contractors about basements. Learn how to build, repair, and inspect a basement. This new, one-of-a-kind coaching program offered by the Basement Kings is designed specifically to help contract and build a basement from beginning to end.

The program will also advise members of a variety of different basement repair methods. The program also teaches homeowners or prospective buyers how to inspect a basement. Knowing what an inspector will be looking for will allow sellers to avoid their basement failing an inspection and losing a buyer.

This program will also help prospective buyers to identify what to actually look for when inspecting a basement. Knowing what to look for can actually save a new home owner thousands of dollars in future repairs. Learn what inspectors are not allowed, by law to say to perspective buyers. Even the actual client may not be given the whole story of what an inspector noticed during the inspection. Learn what rights you have when an inspector allows you to buy a lemon.

Coaching From the Comfort of Your Office

The Virtual Coaching Program brings you LIVE coaching and mentoring sessions from the comfort of your office.
Yes, this is real coaching done by real people, and it is one of the most ambitious programs ever provided.

Here are some of the features of this exciting program:

• Personal & Highly Interactive – We talk directly to you in person, by phone or Skype for sessions that are designed to fit your particular needs.

• Weekly Meeting Agendas & Worksheets – Each week a worksheet will be provided for you to use and follow to keep you on track.

• Coaching Via video – We respect your time so your session can be sent via the web.

• You will be able to be coached any time your PC or laptop is available and if you have web access it can be downloaded for faster service. The sessions are password protected and are limited only to Virtual Coaching members.

• Role Play & LIVE Discussions – You and any contractor you’re working with can team up with us for questions and answer sessions if needed. Before the project actually starts, we offer learning exercises to better prepare you how to handle certain situations.

• Convenient Meeting Time Options – A session will be held for your specific time zone, and scheduled at a time that is convenient for you.

• Phone & Email Support – As a virtual coaching member you can also contact us for assistance between sessions at any time. Just email us and we will arrange a date and time to assist you.

• The Basement Kings Coaching Super Summit – As a virtual coaching member, you will be granted FREE exclusive access to attend our LIVE seminars when they are in your area. Experts/professionals will guide you in finding local contractors, suppliers and how to conduct your own coaching session. Like any other good coach we also provide motivation to individuals, homeowners or contractors.As a virtual coaching member, look for more information on this exclusive live event!

There Is Absolutely Nothing Like This Anywhere

This program informs members about the different products which, very few people have been introduced to before.
You can begin a home business teaching others about basements or simply open your own store for selling basement innovation products.We can help you setup a home based business, assist you in creating a website and allow you to choose the products you may be interested in selling.

Ask us about being a distributer today.

As a Virtual Coaching member you will acquire new and timely information, methods and best practices in building realistic bids.Also you will learn contracting methods, basement repair and even sales information if requested.
This customized coaching format answers your specific questions and guides you through any situation you may be challenged with.You will set continuous goals and kept informed to help you continue moving forward until your project is completed.

Signing Up Is Easy!

To become a Virtual Coaching member, just give us a call or send us a simple e-mail.