Welcome to the Basement Kings education corner, where we inform visitors what we offer to educate our members. 
Here you will find the largest collection of information about basements in the world.  We are the industry leader when it comes to combining building, inspecting, repairing and teaching about basements in Texas and around the world.
We strive every day to change the perception of what Texans think about, when they hear the word “basement”.  In the eastern part of the U.S homeowners first thought about a basement is darkness.  In the central part of the U.S. people’s perception of a basement is wet and damp.  In the northern & upper western part of the U.S people’s first thought is how freezing cold the basement is.
  Surprisingly in the southern part of the U.S. the word “basement” is hardly ever used.  The vast majority of builders & home owners simply don’t ponder the word “basement” what-so-ever.  In some parts of Texas and other southern states people believe it
represent a finished room in the attic.

It may sound strange to people, but the majority of basement builders today use the same building methods, in some cases, as our grandparents.  We teach our clients to embrace proven methods, evaluate older ones, and to use new innovations to solve the problems of the past.

Basements built today don’t have to be:

  • Vulnerable to water
  • Dark as a cave
  • Freezing cold
  • Smell damp & musty
  • Overly expensive to build
  • Used for storage purposes only

Speaking from experience, we teach our specialist how to help clients understand how basements are built.  Focusing on how new innovations can be used to solve the problems of the past, truly makes us basement innovators.

For example:

  • Loud walking noise from the ceilings above in the basement.
  • Eliminate the feeling of freezing floors in the basement.
  • How to bring in natural sun light without using windows.
  • How to build in controls that eliminate mold and mildew in a basement
  • How to build in large rooms and open areas in the basement.
  • How to eliminate some basement framing and reduce overall finishing costs.
  • How to use steel framing to reduce overall electrical costs in a basement.
  • How to reduce plumbing and choose toilets best for a basement.
  • How to choose the most cost effective ceiling height and building materials.
  • How taxes will effect a basement and how to eliminate them in some cases.
  • Understanding building codes for basements and why you want to use them.
  • Learn how to choose a basement window or where to place an external door.
  • Which types of air conditioning systems are best in the basement.
  • How to build and hide a full size basement.
  • How to choose where to add a new basement on an existing home.
  • How to waterproof a basement without toxic fumes and harmful chemicals.
  • How to replenish cold basement air with warm fresh air.
  • How to build a green basement and actually save money doing it.

Questions like these and hundreds more that could add up to savings large enough for your basement to pay for itself with just its savings.          

Education for Future Basement Specialist

  • Soon we will be offering Kings Basement College on-line.
  • The courses will be taught by video, books and cd’s for self-paced learning.
  • We provide seminars all around the world and trade shows during the year.
  • Don’t forget to visit our sister sites where we have published a magazine and radio show about basements.