Water proofing systems that last.

The Basement Kings offer over 20 different water proofing systems which offer warranties that could outlast the ownership of many homeowners.  We take pride in finding the correct solution for homeowners building a new basement or aiding a contractor repairing an existing basement.

In areas of the state where building codes only require that a basement wall be covered with a water resistant material is a major reason why basements are known to leak.  In other areas of Texas no standards exist for what the minimal standard is for covering basement walls.  Home owners and contractors beware that you can’t use the equivalent of a builder grade material for covering a basement wall.  There is a world of difference between using a water resistant product versus a waterproofing product.  In areas with high end homes building codes are more stringent requiring the use of a waterproofing that resists water under hydrostatic head pressure.

Every foundation waterproofing method we offer delivers unparalleled resistance to hydrostatic head pressure.  We offer a large number of patented solutions ranging from formulations of polymer-modified asphalt to innovative integral waterproofing methods.

In the past contractors main worry was the ability of a spray applied waterproofing membrane to stay on the wall where it’s sprayed, and not run or bleed down the wall before curing.

Our maximum standard utilizes patented green water proofers eliminating asphalt materials all together.

Utilizing the special training our professionals have received from the largest waterproofing manufacturers we today train other professionals.  The methods and materials we use not only stop water under hydrostatic head pressure over shrinkage cracks but actually do much more.

Imagine your basement wall getting stronger when submerged under water and hydrostatic pressure.  Water can essentially be used as a catalyst to seal basement walls in a way that our mixture is seen as “space age”.

Consult with us today and we will show you the magic or join as a club member and discover the magic of green waterproofing.